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Meet Curious Cash the Bear

Meet Curious Cash the Bear

A message from Curious Cash the Bear, Anderson County’s biggest fan:

Hi neighbors! I’m Cash,

As the newest addition of The Peoples Bank family, I wanted to paws a moment to introduce myself.

Raised in the woods of Sadler’s Creek State Park, I was tired of eating berries and poking around for honey. The repetition became unbearable. I needed some pavement under my claws. Besides, I LOVE hanging out with humans — you folks have the best snacks!

Being an out-and-about bear in the ‘hustle and bustle’ of town is easy with The Peoples Bank on my side. They’ve got so many branches, it’s like being back in the woods! Tracking expenses and sticking to my budget is easy too with their online banking tools. I can even deposit checks with my smartphone and set automatic bill payments for my utilities. (With all this fur, I need my summer bearconditoning.)

Every day I’m learning new things on their website about how their products and services can really pay off! Plus, their customer service reps are so furiendly. They even helped me open my first interest-bearing account. (Trust me — Hibernation is even better while you’re earning a great rate!)

So, don’t be surprised if you catch me devouring a dish at one of Anderson County’s many delicious restaurants or shopping in Anderson’s fine small businesses. Supporting community business is essential to a healthy local economy, and I’m going to be doing my part. Keep an eye out and I bet you’ll start spotting me all over our great hometown!

See you around,

Curious Cash The Peoples Bank Bear, Esq.