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Switch to The Peoples Bank

Switch to The Peoples Bank

We know switching banks isn’t the most exciting activity — that’s why we’ve made it simple with our easy-to-follow Switch Kit.

Step 1 - Open your new account.

Visit your local branch to open your new The Peoples Bank account(s).

Step 2 - Switch your direct deposits and automatic withdrawals.

If you have any automatic transactions, use the provided forms to seamlessly switch them to The Peoples Bank.

Step 3 - Close your old account. Now you’re ready to switch.

Simply fill out the provided form to close your old account. Any remaining account balance will be transferred to The Peoples Bank.

Download it today and start enjoying a better banking experience.

Get the Switch Kit

Depending on your internet browser, this PDF may open in your browser. If you are unable to see the PDF when it opens, right click over "Get the Switch Kit" and select "Save link as". A window should appear, prompting you to select a location on your computer in which you'd like to save the file. Click "Okay" or "Save" to save the file and then go to the location on your computer where you saved the PDF to open and complete the form.